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Welcome to Logistics Technology HQ

Who We Are

Logistics Technology HQ is an outsourced IT Managed Services/Consulting company that was formed to help Final Mile Couriers, 3PLs, and Shippers leverage technology to streamline business processes so they can eliminate repetitive processes, reduce technical cost, and provide excellent customer service via predictive analytics and industry leading business tools. Our deep understanding of the industry, strategic technical partners, and available custom technologies mean you be able to accomplish your business and technical goals more quickly without having to shoulder the cost to figure it out and/or manage it all yourself.

Businessman or engineer working on busin

What We Do

Our team of technologist have over 100+ years of combined experience in designing, implementing, coding, and maintaining complex Transportation Management Systems, Business Processes, API’s, and Analytics Platforms for Nationwide, Regional, and Local Couriers. At Logistics Technology HQ, we take our wide range of experiences and put them all under one roof so that Logistics Companies have a place to get IT professional services from one direct source.

Our customers have found the most success when we craft solutions that meet the specific needs and budget of their organization and use case. Therefore, we offer a wide range of professional services (Hourly, Special Projects, Initiative Implementation, Outsourced IT Services, etc.) to fit the specific needs of your business. When you work with our team, you should not only expect superior technical advice, but also a way to implement and maintain the solutions we design to solve your business problems.  

Strategic Partners

The Logistics landscape is rapidly changing due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and other market conditions. Many Couriers customers are now demanding high tech solutions like real time tracking and analytics so that they can meet the needs of their customers. In addition, customers are demanding performance-based analytics and reporting to hold their courier accountable for promised SLA’s and pricing. As a result to this market shift, Logistics Technology HQ created strategic 14 partnerships with industry leading technology providers to help our customers meet the new requirements of their customers. Below is the list of our current partnerships. 

  1. CLDA: Customized Logistics and Delivery Association Member 

  2. E-Courier (TMS)-  Preferred Professional Services Partner 

  3. Office 365 Partner (Productivity)

  4. Ring Central Ignite Partner (Telephony)  

  5. Zoho Analytics (Analytics Visualization) 

  6. Teamwork Desk/Projects (Ticketing System and Project Management)

  7.  Microsoft Azure (Server Hosting)

  8. Integra (Delivery Track/Docutrack Experts)

  9. Cisco Meraki Partner (Network and Cameras) 

  10. Cisco (Networking Equipment)  

  11. Lenovo Partner (Computer Hardware and Cloud) 

  12. Verkada (Camera Systems)

  13. Rackspace (Hosted Servers)

  14. Amazon Web Services (AWS Servers) 

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