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3 Tips for Increasing Customer Experience

Customer experience is a key element of the value provided by courier companies vs other logistics options in the market. Depending on the shipper, nature of the goods and who this ultimate customer is can result in many different definitions of what success looks like. Here are a few tips that can help you to increase your customers success with your products.

Establish a Set Communications Schedule

Cadence, attendees, and topics of the meeting can vary by the size and nature of the customer. These should be agreed by both parties as part of the communications plans. Having regular conversations allows your organizations to navigate this journey together. Success of this when both companies are working in unisons understanding and expecting each other’s challenges. Akin to a marriage when you know before even opening the menu what your spouse is going to order.

Align Expectations

Contracts and pricing provide a framework for that start, but this is often the minimum acceptable performance. High performing couriers understand what the goals of the shipper are beyond the minimum and provide feedback on performance. Being able to have documented goals, minimum performance, and ability to work with the customer on expectations sets up both companies for success. All parties in the conversation will have changing needs over time and this enable shared solutions to be developed. The added value beyond the contracted minimum will help your gain the stickiness that makes this a long-term relationship beyond a single contract period.

Details Are in the Data

Establishing and sharing performance metrics based on tangible data establishes an agreed reality of performance. People by nature will always remember the negative things; data provides an ability to understand if this is the true normal or an outlying event. Data can show areas that are miss-aligned between the two organizations and a sense of effort to resolve them. A common example is a customer that enters in 10 stats daily creating additional dispatching effort and management that could be a planned route saving everyone effort and money. Having documented areas when you over perform can also help to remove some of the sting when under performance events to happen. Empowering your account managers to say “yes we screwed up but on the whole, we are we’ll exceeding expectations” is very powerful tool.

Mastering these tips will help your organization create the highly sticky relationship and provide your customers value that can only be provided by a courier professional.

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